shaker_kitchen_woodlove.jpg Why Choose a Shaker Style Kitchen
By: Simon Ottiger   (2014-06-26)

If you are re-designing your kitchen, consider a Shaker kitchen for its timeless simplicity, functionality and beautiful craftsmanship.

If you're investing in a new kitchen for your home, a Shaker kitchen has a classic yet up-to-date style that is definitely worth considering. Defined by its simple panelled cabinets and unadorned functionality, the Shaker style makes the most of your space, feeling clean, uncluttered and spacious.

The original Shaker design evolved from the beautiful and simple craftsmanship of a breakaway Quaker sect who moved from England to New England in the 18th century. Plain and durable without any decoration or frivolous mouldings, the style adapts beautifully to modern living. Table-tops and counters often show the beauty of the natural wood grain, while cabinets can be painted in light neutrals, subtle blues or greens, or indeed any colour you like.

The superb craftsmanship of the original Shakers is key here. Perfect lines, neat joints and smooth finishes are essential to the style, but a Shaker kitchen doesn't have to be all fitted cupboards and wall to wall counter-tops. Individual free-standing furniture pieces are all part of the look, so you can mix in an antique dresser, a free-standing cupboard, a chopping block and a sturdy kitchen table, alongside some individually designed, built-in cupboards for convenience and functionality.

Give your Shaker kitchen a modern twist with simple and elegant metal knobs and handles to drawers and cupboards, or keep to classic painted or natural wood ones. Vary the line of kitchen cupboards with a glass-fronted one to show off ceramics and china, or even a mesh fronted cupboard for a real country feel.

Another feature of traditional Shaker kitchens are peg rails, which can be used for hanging everything from pans and utensils to aprons and dishcloths, or strings of garlic and baskets if you are in a rustic mood. Open shelves are another option for displaying favourite jugs and teapots, but resist the urge to clutter with too many decorative pieces, as the keynotes are always simplicity and functionality.

One of the advantages is this style of kitchen's versatility, with a timeless feel that can be dressed up or down, free-standing pieces that can be moved around, and painted surfaces that can be given a new colour whenever you want a fresh look. A well-crafted Shaker kitchen is an investment that will last a lifetime and add value to your home, as well as providing an elegant and calm atmosphere where you can feel completely at home and relaxed.